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School Management Is An Important Part Of Education Management for day nghe lai xe 677 - ninh thuan

iLeader is suitable for the training management model for foreign language centers such as English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Music Training Centers, Vocational Training.

Web Platform

Does not depend on the platform running and is very flexible in use.

Central Management

Optimizing processes in managing multiple branches and facilities of the center

Introducing the iLeader English Center Management Software

Stratified architecture

Module Registration, Student Module, Module Management Class, Report Module, ... make the simplicity and homogeneity in the process of use.


Combined with advanced technologies such as Aspx, Ajax, html 5 multi-touch optimized


1. We have experience managing software for English language centers over the years.
2. Successfully deployed over 500 large English language centers across the country.
3. Professional and enthusiastic programmers and technical consultants, ensuring 99% satisfaction of your requirements.

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  • We specialize in designing and implementing website systems for English language centers
  • Referral information, courses, event news, promotions, affiliates, contact...
  • Modern interface compatible with mobile devices.
  • Standard seo for effective online marketing.
  • Link, compatible with the software iLeader. The ability to develop high online tools.
  • Register from the website to iLeader.
  • Sign up for advice from the website to iLeader.
  • Automatically add student information to iLeader.
  • Counselor takes care of the trainees according to information registered on the website.
  • Develop electronic book for students and parents.
website cho các trung tâm anh ngữ
Đăng ký - Học phí trung tâm anh ngữ


  • Learners can register remotely via the Internet or at the Center / School.
  • Managing Registration List over time.
  • Advanced features such as: Find information Register by code, student name.
  • Students can pay flexible tuition fees by the hour. Start date and End date will be calculated based on automatic algorithm.
  • Display new class Listing, Class is studying visual. Easy search support.
  • Promotions, discounts on tuition fees.


  • Information Management Student, Teacher.
  • Student's Academic Schedule, Teacher's Schedule.
  • Academic information as well as student learning history.
  • Teaching Information as well as Teaching History of Teachers.
  • Attendance status of the Student, Teacher.
Học viên, Giáo viên phần mềm quản lý trung tâm anh ngữ
Grade level - Learning key, software manager center of anh ngữ


  • Manage and set up Classroom
  • Timetable for Classes is underway and Classes are available for beginners
  • Classes, timetables can be updated flexibly
  • The classroom is designed as flexible as selecting / changing teachers, classrooms. Auto-bound functions Logic Timer correctly.
  • Establishing the Potential Classroom for Management, Board of Directors evaluates the effectiveness of opening a new class.
  • And some other features

Module Teacher Management

  • Salary payments can be made at any time during the month, so payroll becomes very flexible
  • Update information related to Trainees, Teachers
  • Statistics related information such as Course Duration, Teaching
  • Automatic email to students, teachers
  • Manage learning assessment notes
Giáo vụ Quản lý phần mềm quản lý trung tâm anh ngữ


  • Course report
  • Report students
  • Report class
  • Revenue report
  • Statement of salary costs
  • Export Excel File Statistics Students, Classes, Teachers, Registration Status, Paid